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Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is Doctors of Turkey?

Doctors of Turkey is a new generation digital healthcare service platform which brings together the individuals who care about their health worldwide with the health institutions, doctors and specialists in Turkey. Doctors of Turkey is a healthcare services platform created in line with today's technology. Therefore, it is not a health institution. Doctors of Turkey platform aims to provide a common ground where individuals in search of healthcare services all over the world meet with quality healthcare service providers. Online services of Doctors of Turkey are not an alternative to face-to-face examination provided by a doctor, specialist or a counselor. You are not diagnosed, provided a prognosis, or given a treatment service through the talks within the website. All written and visual information on Doctors of Turkey platform is solely for the purpose of informing. For this reason, the services provided on the platform cannot be considered as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis and treatment methods between the doctor and the patient.

2. How Can I Sign Up?

After you click on the "Create an Account" button on the top right corner of the main page, enter the information required in the sign up form. Once you fill in the information completely, you can finalize your membership process by clicking "Register" button. After our support team has completed the necessary controls, your membership will be activated.

3. I forgot my password. What am I supposed to do?

After you click on the "Sign in" button on the top right corner of the main page, click the "I Forgot My Password" button on the member sign in screen. When you write your registered e-mail, a password reset link will be sent to your e-mail address. By clicking the link in the e-mail, you can reset your password. In case of a problem, you can request support by writing an e-mail to [email protected].

4. How can I add/change profile photo?

By selecting "My Profile Photo" in the "Update My Profile" section to the left of the Admin Panel, you can add or change your profile photo.

5. How Can I Change My Password?

You can change your password by clicking the "Change Password" tab in the "Settings" tab located on the left of the Admin Panel.