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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominal stretching surgery is one of the treatment methods that have been started to be applied as a result of the developments in medicine in recent years for individuals with excess fat in the abdomen, excess skin, sagging and similar problems due to various reasons.

Although it can be seen in both genders, looseness and sagging in the abdominal region, which is frequently seen especially in women and in the post-pregnancy period, can be stretched and given a smooth appearance with the help of a simple operation applied with aesthetic surgery methods. In this way, the sagging skin appearance is eliminated, excess fat is removed and the abdominal region is flattened, especially the cracks in the part below the belly button are eliminated.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) surgeries are a solution approach for skin sagging in the abdomen and underbelly area, and fat that cannot be removed by diet and exercise. Sagging, cracks and lubrication caused by cesarean section, pregnancy and constant weight gain are easily removed by aesthetic surgery. In addition to the general interventions to eliminate the deformation in the abdomen and underbelly region, if the lubrication and sagging occur only in the region below the belly button, then the mini abdominoplasty operation may be sufficient.

Mini abdominoplasty surgery is an easier operation in terms of both the duration of the application and the shorter recovery period. The recovery period differs from person to person, according to life habits and physical structure characteristics. Today, innovations in the field of medicine make it easier to perform this type of surgery more successfully, as in many other types of surgery.

What is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, which is called Abdominoplasty in the medical language, is a kind of plastic surgery operation. It is one of the most effective methods among the types of surgery applied in the fields of abdominal and belly aesthetics. Especially after the pregnancy period, the muscles and skin in the abdomen cannot return to their original form. As a result, deformations occur in the abdomen and the sagging belly part causes an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. The level of deformation is much higher in pregnancies resulting in excessive weight gain and in women who have given birth more than twice.

After pregnancy, an undesirable appearance occurs with the loosening of the connective tissue in the abdominal wall, the protrusion of the abdominal wall, the appearance of bloating, abundance and cracks in the abdomen. It is often not possible to completely destroy this image and regain the old appearance of the abdominal region with methods such as sports and diet that the person will apply himself. In tummy tuck surgery, which solves this problem with a single operation, the loosened and sagging abdominal skin is recovered and the excess fat concentrated in this area is removed, allowing the person to have a flat stomach in a short time.

As with any operation, there are some risks of complications that may occur after tummy tuck. Bleeding and infection are the most important of these. For this reason, medications given by the physician should be used after the surgery, sudden movements should be avoided and the dressings should be renewed regularly.

What Should Be Done During the Preparation Process for Abdominoplasty?

After the abdominoplasty surgery is decided, following the doctor's instructions about the use of vitamins and various drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption is of great importance for the success of the result. If you have a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, it is recommended to completely quit these habits at least 2 weeks before the surgery. If a cold, flu or any other illness develops while waiting for the surgery, it would be more beneficial to postpone the surgery. It is also beneficial to avoid activities such as excessive exercise, sunbathing, and low-calorie diets in this process. Activities such as balanced diet, meditation, outdoor walking, which positively affect the healing process, provide benefits both psychologically and physically.

Abdominoplasty surgeries are not covered by insurance coverage in many cases. Therefore, you should also find out whether your pre-operative insurance policy covers this operation.

How Does Abdominoplasty Work?

The technique applied in tummy tuck surgery, the area where the skin will be taken, and other issues are decided in the light of the detailed examination and the examined radiological images by the physician.

The saggy and cracked skin in the part up to the belly button area is removed over a line to be drawn sideways from the area called the cesarean section mark level in general, and the skin in the upper part of the belly button is stretched downwards. The belly button is also reconstructed in order to bring it into the appropriate position.

In addition to sagging and looseness, if there is an excessive lubrication problem, excess fat in the abdomen is removed by a method called liposuction. Thanks to the sutures placed on the membranes of the abdominal wall, the loosened abdominal muscles are tightened and regained their former hardness.

The incisions at the end of the surgery are sutured with aesthetic sutures to prevent the formation of unsightly scars. After the operation, abdominal sagging, looseness and cracked skin problems, especially caused by pregnancy or excessive weight gain, are eliminated. However, in the event of a re-pregnancy and delivery after the surgery, some of these problems may reoccur.

How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take?

The duration of tummy tuck surgery varies from person to person. A full tummy tuck surgery, called Total Abdominoplasty, takes approximately 3-3.5 hours, but the operation time can be up to 4 hours in people with a large abdomen. In mini tummy tuck surgeries, which are performed in patients with milder looseness, sagging and similar problems and do not cover a wide area as total abdominoplasty, the operation time is shorter and the operation is completed in a short time like 1-1.5 hours.

The amount of excess skin in the abdomen, whether or not to remove fat, the area of ​​the abdomen, the suture technique to be applied and the condition of the abdominal muscles are some of the factors affecting the duration of the operation. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and must be performed in a hospital environment with appropriate conditions and equipment.

What is the Recovery Time of Abdominoplasty?

After tummy tuck surgery, patients are usually discharged after 1-2 days of hospital care, depending on the operating conditions. Patients are generally recommended to wear a special corset after tummy tuck surgery. This corset, which is worn continuously for 1 month, increases the success of the surgery by helping the abdomen to reach the desired form. Approximately 3-4 hours after the end of the operation, you can get up and walk with the help of a relative, and the next day you can walk slowly without help.

It is normal to have pain for a while due to the operations and stitches in the abdomen during the surgery and the necessary painkillers will be administered by your doctor. You can take a bath 2-3 days after the operation and have the comfort of doing your daily work by yourself.

During the first week, you should avoid these movements as much as possible, as movements such as coughing, sneezing, and straining may hurt you due to the fact that the stitches have not fully fused, and if they are severe, they may damage your stitches. If you are not working in a heavy job, you can return to your work life in approximately 7-10 weeks under average conditions, depending on your doctor's recommendations and whether you feel good or not.

This information is valid for full tummy tuck surgeries, and patients can return to their daily lives within 3-4 days, although the recovery period is shorter in mini tummy tuck surgeries applied to solve milder problems.

Pregnancy After Abdominoplasty

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to have tummy tuck surgery is whether being pregnant after the surgery will cause any complications. Abdominoplasty is not an operation that can affect pregnancy or cause any problems during pregnancy.

In women who have had a tummy tuck, the appropriate time for pregnancy is related to the completion of the recovery period of the operation, and it is the healthiest method to decide how long after the operation it is possible to get pregnant by the physician. Another issue is how long mothers who want to have tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy should wait. The ideal time for tummy tuck is stated as 1 year after birth. During this period, it is possible for the mother to lose as much weight as she can with the help of regular nutrition, breastfeeding and exercise, while at the same time it is possible to determine the exact degree of cracks and sagging.

Mothers who do not plan a new pregnancy and want to stretch the abdominal region can plan the surgical process by consulting a specialist at the end of 1 year after delivery. Since new sagging and cracks may occur after a new birth in women who have undergone tummy tuck surgery, mothers who plan to become pregnant again should postpone the surgery for a while.

Who Can Be Applied to Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Abdominoplasty is a surgical method that can be applied to all patients who are in good general health, whose youngest child is at least one year old, who do not plan a new pregnancy in the future, who have not had a major operation in the abdominal region before, and whose surgery is deemed appropriate by the physician.

If you are also complaining about problems such as sagging, cracks and looseness in your abdomen, you can contact Medifulya Health Services and make the necessary plans for the tummy tuck operation, if deemed appropriate by your physician.

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