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Otoplasty - Ear Surgery

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Otoplasty - Ear Surgery

Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)

Ear aesthetics is most often performed to reduce the size of the ear or to correct the prominent condition. In plastic surgery, the condition of the ear being curved forward more than normal is called prominent ear or sailing ear (protruding ear). Insufficient development or flatness of the Y-shaped fold in the auricle is usually the main reason.

Among the people, the prominent ear is sometimes mistakenly interpreted as the big ear. However, the real reason is that some parts that should be curved are straight and/or the pit behind the external auditory canal, which we call the ear turbinate, is deep. For this reason, the ear is curved forward by making a greater angle with the head, that is, the ear is more visible when viewed from the front. Ear aesthetics is performed to correct the prominent ear condition. In this surgery, the cartilage is filed by entering behind the ear and a curved shape is given to the back with special stitches.

Most of the ear development (80%) is completed by 5-6 years of age. Ideally, it is appropriate to perform ear aesthetic surgery before the child starts school. Performing the surgery at a young age prevents negative effects that may occur especially in the mental state of the child. However, at these ages, ear aesthetic surgery will need to be performed under general anesthesia. However, it is possible to perform ear aesthetic surgery at older ages. In this case, the operation is performed with local anesthesia. Prominent ear surgery is an operation that can be performed at any age after the age of 5.

With the operation, a Y-shaped fold is formed in the auricle, and the ear and head are fixed with stitches to the skull so that the angle formed by the ear and the head is within the normal limits. At the end of the ear aesthetic surgery, a pressure bandage is applied on both ears. After 3-5 days, the patient is called for dressing. Some pain may be felt on the first day after the surgery. Painkillers are used for this. It is recommended to wear a tennis player's headband or a women's hair band over the ears for 2-3 weeks after the bandage is opened. The headband should neither be too loose nor too tight.

There may be a slight swelling and redness in the ear for 5-7 days after the surgery, but it will resolve at the end of this period. Otoplasty surgeries are one of our most pleasing surgeries because they do not leave any scars and are performed under local anesthesia and heal in a short time.

Prominent Ear Problem (Otoplasty)

Although the prominent ear, which causes the need for ear aesthetics, is often perceived as a larger ear than it should be, in fact, there is no difference in the ear size of someone with prominent ears and someone with normal ears. In fact, the problem is only related to the shape of the ear cartilages and it is possible to get rid of the prominent ear problem with ear aesthetics.

The problem in the prominent ear problem that causes ear aesthetics is in two places. The angle of the ear with the head may be wider than it should be, and this makes the ear open outwards. In this case, it is very obvious, especially when viewed from behind. Another reason is that the folds that should be in the upper half of the ear have not formed, and in this case, the ear looks straight as if it has been ironed.

What is done in Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty) Surgery?

Surgery for prominent ear basically involves changing the shape of the ear. Separate interventions are made according to the physical conditions that cause prominent ear. If the angle between the ear and the head is wider than it should be, in order to reduce the angle, this angle is narrowed by placing solid sutures just where the ear meets the head. The flat image due to the absence of folds in the upper half of the ear, on the other hand, is bent by placing strong sutures on the cartilage from under the skin behind the ear. The aim of this application is to transform the straight and ironed image into a natural curve.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Performed?

In prominent ear surgery, a cut is made just behind the ear. Thanks to the fact that this cut is made right behind the ear, it almost leaves no traces. Prominent ear surgery can be performed under general anesthesia as well as local anesthesia.

After Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

You can be discharged on the same day as the prominent ear surgery. In addition, it may be good to wear a tennis band for protective purposes after prominent ear surgery.

At What Age Is the Earliest Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent ear surgery is a plastic surgery that can be performed at the youngest age. This surgery can even be performed at primary school age. However, the main condition for prominent ear surgery to be applied to children is that the child wants to have the surgery himself.

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