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Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

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Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

What is Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift aesthetics is a set of surgical procedures performed to make the deformed thigh area aesthetically pleasing for various reasons.

Why Do Deformations Occur in the Thigh Region?

Reasons such as serious weight loss, childbirth, sagging and loosening of the elastic structure of the skin, and aging cause deformation and sagging.

Is This Condition A Health Problem?

No, this is not a health problem. It is a problem that creates aesthetic concerns and gives a bad image. In addition, the excess skin between the two legs rubbing against each other and being constantly adjacent to each other or experiencing these situations while walking can become abrasive, irritating and painful. In this case, surgical intervention is required and thigh lift surgery is the best solution.

How is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

This operation is performed in the form of surgical removal of excess skin and fat tissues. Before the operation, general or local anesthesia is applied to the patient, depending on the size of the operation to be performed.

To Whom Can It Be Applied?

The aforementioned procedure can be applied to all patients, male and female, who do not have any inconvenience in taking anesthesia, who do not take medication, who are not pregnant and who have survived the breastfeeding period.

What Characteristics Do Patients With Successful Surgery Have?

It is more suitable for middle-aged and older people, who generally do not have a problem with their body size, who only have an aesthetic appearance disorder in the thigh region, who are suitable for the procedure, and have a high success rate.

Before Thigh Lift Surgery

In short, the rules that should be done before all surgical procedures are the same. In other words, blood thinners such as aspirin should be discontinued, tobacco use should be suspended, and most importantly, the suitability for the procedure and the surgical plan should be determined by examining the doctor.

After Thigh Lift Surgery

The rest period is important. Because the area where the surgery is performed is the groin area where walking and sitting activities are performed, long walks should not be worn. This is especially important in the first 2 weeks after surgery. Painkillers will be sufficient for possible pain. Otherwise, pain relief injections may be considered. In addition, the doctor's recommendations should be followed.

Are There Any Problems in Wound Healing?

Since this surgical procedure is an operation performed by making an incision in a sensitive and critical area, the wound healing process is also very important and if the doctor's recommendations are not followed, healing problems may occur. For this reason, tight and special tight clothes recommended by the physician should be used for 2 months and the cleanliness of the area should be given importance. If you experience problems with this situation, it is the best option to consult your doctor.

Will there be any scars after the operation?

The operation in question is performed by making an incision in a sensitive area. In general, the scars are hidden and sewn, and these scars usually heal and become closer to the skin color. In cases where the surgical scars do not heal, laser scar and spot treatments may be recommended after a certain period of time after the operation.

Are There Non-Surgical Solution Methods for Problems in the Thigh Region?

Of course there is. There are solutions with laser. But these solutions solve problems that are not too intense and not too late.

Does This Operation Provide Permanent Solution?

The transaction in question is one with a very long persistence period. If you experience serious weight loss after this operation, sagging and deformations may recur. However, in cases where weight loss is not in question, a small amount of problems may occur with the aging effect. However, as in this operation, in operations where skin and tissue removal is performed, a bad image will never be repeated as before.

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