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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Stretching the Sagging of the Arms

After weight loss, the primary and only concern for some patients is the appearance of their arms. More often, however, arms are actually just one of many concerns. Many of these patients are very active and want to minimize their time away from both their work and family responsibilities. It is therefore common for a patient to express concerns about many areas of his body and want all of them to be treated as soon as possible.

Depending on many different factors, such as aging or weight gain, a drooping appearance may occur in the arm area over time. This is one of the problems experienced by both men and women.

Of course, the body's succumbing to gravity is also on the list of causes of sagging. The sagging is most common in the back and inner parts of the upper arm. At this point, brachioplasty, that is, arm lift surgery, as it is known among the people, comes into play.

We can state that arm lift surgery can be performed alone or in combination with different aesthetic surgical procedures. When patients complain of other problems, they can get rid of these problems with a single operation. We can say that operations such as breast enlargement or reduction, leg stretching or tummy tuck are performed in combination, especially with arm lift surgery. In addition to these, aesthetic interventions performed for contour correction in different parts of the body may also be preferred.

In some patients, a serious decrease in adipose tissue occurs after excessive weight loss. However, if the skin has lost its elasticity, it is not possible for the skin to recover and regain a tight form. Therefore, excess skin causes an unpleasant appearance and this operation is needed.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Take?

Of course, the duration of the operation will be different when your arms are operated due to sagging. If the liposuction method is also used in the surgery, the duration of the operation may change. Therefore, the duration of the operation may not be the same for each patient. We can say that the surgery is usually performed in a time ranging from 1 hour to 2 hours.

In operations that only aim to remove excess skin, the procedure can be completed in a shorter time. However, when excess skin and excess fat accumulated in the armpit or inner arm need to be removed, a prolongation in the duration of the operation occurs.

Of course, after arm lift surgery, it will be necessary to take a break from sports activities for a while. We can say that this period varies between 4 weeks and 6 weeks. After the recovery is complete, the patients can return to their sports life.

It is also important to avoid movements that force the body during the healing process and to prevent the tissues from being hit. In a sense, we can say that surgery requires being careful about some issues in general.

Who Can Benefit From Arm Lift Surgery?

If you are overweight and in the process of losing weight, it would be beneficial to wait for weight loss first. After reaching the ideal weight, performing surgery provides a more successful result. Both women and men can benefit from this operation. However, the person should not have any health problems that may prevent the surgery.

At the same time, it should be noted that this surgery cannot be performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. Apart from this, anyone who wishes can benefit from the surgery in order to have a more tense and younger looking arm appearance.

Since it is possible to return to daily life after only a few days, patients do not need to take a break from their lives for a long time to benefit from this operation. Today, this operation is performed using the most advanced techniques. Therefore, it cannot be said that the patients had difficulties in the recovery process.

It is now easier for all patients to decide to benefit from arm lift surgery in order to gain a more aesthetically fit appearance. Anyone over the age of 18 can request an appointment for the surgery.

You can contact us to get more information about arm lift surgery and to learn about arm lift surgery prices.

Before Arm Lift Surgery

It is very important to clarify the importance of the axilla in arm rejuvenation for patients who only express concerns about their arms. After extreme weight loss, many patients express concern not only for their arms but also for other parts of their body; they are usually a source of dissatisfaction in the breasts, flanks, back, abdomen, thighs and butt. There are numerous options for the plastic surgeon in this situation.

Before arm lift surgery, the patient is roughly squeezed the arm skin by hand and the excess skin is marked. If the arm droop is low, this marking is usually elliptical. If the sagging extends to the armpit, the drawing is extended to the axilla in the form of a fish tail. Both skin and adipose tissue are removed from the area determined by the drawing. In the surgery, the tissue removal area is expanded if necessary. These areas are sutured against each other and a drain is placed. The patient is dressed in an arm corset.

How is an arm lift (brachioplasty) done?

  • The operation can be performed under local anesthesia or, if necessary, under general anesthesia.
  • No pain or pain can be felt in the arm area during the procedure.
  • An elliptical incision is usually made on the inside and back of the arm.
  • From this incision area, both excess adipose tissue and excess skin, that is, sagging skin, are cut and removed.
  • If necessary, laser liposuction can also be performed during the operation.
  • After removing the excess tissue, two layers of sutures are made from the inside of the incision area.
  • The intervened area is wrapped with a soft dressing and the operation is completed.

After Arm Lift Surgery

  • After the surgery, the patient does not need to rest in the clinical environment and can go home after a few hours.
  • The next day, the dressing should be opened and the operation area should be checked.
  • Patients should use the corset recommended by the doctor for 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • In addition, patients should keep their arms elevated after arm lift surgery.
  • After the surgery, sports should not be done for 3 weeks and movements that force the body should be avoided.
  • After 3 weeks, light exercise and sports can be done, provided that you do not make arm movements.
  • It is very important to use the medicines prescribed by the doctor regularly.
  • If the doctor's suggestions and warnings are followed, a smooth and comfortable recovery period can be experienced.

Is There Any Scar After Arm Lift Surgery?

Although many people complain about the sagging in their arms, they are hesitant about the scar and cannot take the decision of surgery. Of course, since an incision is made on the skin during this surgery, a slight scar will remain. However, this scar becomes less obvious over time and also turns into skin color.

Many factors, such as in which part of the arm the sagging is, determine which part of the arm should be incision. Therefore, the scar may not be in the same area in every patient.

For example, sometimes the sagging can be limited to the armpit only, and in this case, the stitch marks are only in the armpit, where they are as invisible as possible. It will be useful to consult your doctor before the operation and to ask your questions about everything, including the operation scar. In this way, issues such as what to expect from the surgery or what not to expect become clear.

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