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What is General Gynecology?

Gynecology is the science that deals with the female reproductive organ, the problems that may occur in the female reproductive organ, the health and treatment of the female reproductive organ. A doctor specializing in gynecology is also called a gynecologist. Women do not go to the gynecologist only when there is a problem with the reproductive organs. General gynecological examination should be done at certain intervals throughout the year. For example, pre-intervention of cancer is of primary importance in gynecologist examinations. Being aware of other diseases and negativities that may put women's life at risk can be life-saving for women who have regular gynecology check-ups. Let's say that a tiny blemish that occurs in the vagina can lead to big problems later on, even if it is not taken care of at first.

General Gynecology can cause fear, especially in women who have not been before and will go for the first time. But gynecological examinations are short-term operations. If the patient is a virgin, the usual gynecology is performed by looking at the lower part of the abdomen and the groin with ultrasound. Women who have active sexual intercourse have a vaginal examination, it is not compulsory to be married during the vaginal examination and the doctor has no right to ask for such information. General gynecology examination is not a painful or painful operation when viewed with ultrasound. In the vaginal examination, if the patient is going for the first time, he may feel a slight pain due to the stress he will experience. The important thing is to clear your head and relax yourself in a way that will calm you down.

What are the General Gynecology Examination Methods?

In ordinary cases, gynecological examination can be a frightening operation for the patient, especially if it is the first time of the patient who will undergo the examination. However, these examinations, which are extremely important for your health, are absolutely life-saving and gaining this awareness for yourself is a situation that every woman should achieve in life. You should be open and brave not only about how the operation will be, but also about the questions you will ask the doctor during the examination and what kind of problem you have. The more comfortably and in detail you explain your problem to your doctor, the sooner the examination will be completed and the result will be satisfactory and effective. It is recommended to go to the gynecological examination on days other than menstrual days. This is important both for a clearer understanding of the problem and for the ease of operation.

How is a gynecological examination done?

General gynecology examination is performed outside of menstrual days, but if the patient's problem is intense pain or menstrual irregularity, this will change. Your private problems that you share with the specialist do not leave the examination room in any way. After the specialist doctor finds out what your problem is, he starts the examination. The priority for the patient is the pelvic examination. It is recommended that you go to the toilet before having a pelvic exam.

During the examination, the patient sits on the examination bed and places his legs on the small pillow-like areas on the right and left sides. After placing your feet, you are asked to push your hips forward and bring you closer to the specialist doctor. Even if you are naked from the waist down during the examination, you will be relieved during the procedure as a cover will be laid on you. General gynecology is a painless and painless examination according to the stress state of the patient. When you are in a suitable position for the doctor to examine, first of all, whether the lymph nodes enlarge in your groin area is examined by hand.

It examines the outer part of the reproductive area and detects an anomaly. He then separates the outer lips by groping and examines the inner parts. The places he examines in the interior are your clitoris, hymen, urethra entrance and other areas that may be anomaly. Then, for sexually active patients, an internal examination of the vagina is performed with a vaginal speculum. This method can be challenging at first for patients who will be examined in this way for the first time or for patients who have not had sexual intercourse for a long time.

Does Gynecological Examination Have a Psychological Effect?

During general gynecology, gynecological examination, the most important thing is to relax yourself. Releasing and calming your abdominal muscles will help you a lot during the exam. With the vaginal speculum examination, your vagina is examined as a whole and every part of it. Then it starts to examine your uterine region by deepening it a little more. This examination is essential especially for wounds and infections that may occur in the uterine region.

Another method is the gynecological examination, and in the usual cases, a sample fluid is taken from the inside of the vagina with the help of a stick. After the liquid is taken, it is placed in a sterile glass and sprayed on it. With this method, if there is a bladder prolapse problem, it is exposed. Afterwards, the gynecologist goes through the examination by hand as the last part. The specialist doctor puts his index and middle fingers on the inside of the vagina and starts to press the other hand on the lower part of the abdomen. With this examination, the size and shape of the uterus and, if any, mass conditions are checked. If a slight pain occurs when the specialist moves the uterine region back and forth, this is normal, but if very severe pain occurs, this may be a warning for the formation of infection. Then the same procedure is done for the bladder and it is checked whether there is pain or not. Then the same examination is applied to the ovarian region and the pain is controlled. Thus, the general gynecology examination process comes to an end.

How is Gynecological Examination in Virgins?

Gynecology shows different methods for virgin women and women with active sexual life. Coming to the gynecologist can be a more distressing and frightening situation for virgin women. To overcome these fears, you can get comments from women who have had a gynecological examination before. Except for the vaginal speculum examination for virgin women, the examination methods are the same as for women with an active sexual life. Most of the time, only ultrasound control can be the only examination method for virgin women and it is a completely painless procedure.

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