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You can make an appointment request free of charge from all healthcare service providers on the platform. Mark the suitable time on the schedule and confirm your appointment transaction. It is just that easy!
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By running a search according to contracted insurance companies, get a service from healthcare service providers where your health insurance is accepted!
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is Doctors of Turkey?

Doctors of Turkey is a new generation digital healthcare service platform which brings together the individuals who care about their health worldwide with the health institutions, doctors and specialists in Turkey. Doctors of Turkey is a healthcare services platform created in line with today's technology. Therefore, it is not a health institution. Doctors of Turkey platform aims to provide a common ground where individuals in search of healthcare services all over the world meet with quality healthcare service providers. Online services of Doctors of Turkey are not an alternative to face-to-face examination provided by a doctor, specialist or a counselor. You are not diagnosed, provided a prognosis, or given a treatment service through the talks within the website. All written and visual information on Doctors of Turkey platform is solely for the purpose of informing. For this reason, the services provided on the platform cannot be considered as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis and treatment methods between the doctor and the patient.

2. How Can I Sign Up?

After you click on the "Create an Account" button on the top right corner of the main page, enter the information required in the sign up form. Once you fill in the information completely, you can finalize your membership process by clicking "Register" button. After our support team has completed the necessary controls, your membership will be activated.

3. I forgot my password. What am I supposed to do?

After you click on the "Sign in" button on the top right corner of the main page, click the "I Forgot My Password" button on the member sign in screen. When you write your registered e-mail, a password reset link will be sent to your e-mail address. By clicking the link in the e-mail, you can reset your password. In case of a problem, you can request support by writing an e-mail to [email protected].

4. How can I add/change profile photo?

By selecting "My Profile Photo" in the "Update My Profile" section to the left of the Admin Panel, you can add or change your profile photo.

5. How Can I Change My Password?

You can change your password by clicking the "Change Password" tab in the "Settings" tab located on the left of the Admin Panel.

6. How Can I Change My E-mail Address?

You can change your e-mail address by clicking the "Change E-mail" tab in the "Settings" tab located on the left of the Admin Panel.

7. I Want to Terminate My Membership. How Can I Do That?

By clicking the "Delete My Account" tab in the "Settings" tab located on the left of the Admin Panel, you can delete your account in '' website and terminate your membership.

8. How Can I Make a Search?

Thanks to the smart categorization and easy search features of you can make any search you want through the search box on the main page. You can make a search on the basis of hospital, clinic, specialty, branch and province and district in the search box. Thanks to the easy-to-use structure, you can use the filtering feature that will appear after you run the search and filter the most convenient results for you (name of the disease, treatment method, proximity to your location, contracted insurance companies, etc.), and have access to the service you need with ease. In line with the medical ethics rules, does not recommend doctors or health institutions to individuals.

9. Can I Ask Questions?

Certainly. Once you enter your account on the platform, click the "Ask a Question" button on the profile page of the doctor, specialist, clinic or hospital of your preference. Fill in the form that appears on the screen. Finally, choose the status of your question being open to everyone or hidden. Then, you may send your question and wait for a reply. Besides, you can view all your questions and the replies you received in the "My Questions" module located on the right of your Admin Panel.

10. I Want to Send a Message. Can I do that?

You can send a message to any healthcare service provider you want. Once you enter your account on website and click on the "Message" button on the profile page of the relevant doctor, clinic or hospital you have chosen, you can use the text box that appears to write instant messages. In addition, you can view all your messaging history through the "Message Box" module located on the right of your Admin Panel.

11. Can I Make an Appointment?

Of course, you can make an appointment. In order to make an appointment, you must first sign up on the platform. After you complete your membership process, log into the platform. After that, go to the profile page of the specialist doctor who suits your search best on the platform. By clicking on the "Make an Appointment" button on the profile page, you can request a "free of charge" appointment on the day and hour suitable for you on the appointment schedule on the right of the page. When you request an appointment, you will get a message saying "Your Appointment Has Been Activated" as the specialist doctor approves of the appointment. Besides, you can view all your appointment requests and appointment history in the "My Appointments" module located on the right of your Admin Panel.

12. Can you Recommend a Good Doctor on the Platform? platform is not a health institution. It has no connection with any healthcare service providers included on the platform. For this reason, the place where you will request diagnosis, treatment and other healthcare services should not be the platform itself, but the profile pages of the healthcare service providers. Doctors of Turkey is a global platform that brings together individuals in search of healthcare services and healthcare service providers. The platform observes the doctor-patient ethical relationship, and is not involved, complementary, assisting or a third party.

13. How Can I Learn About the Details and Cost of Treatment Services?

The cost and treatment services are not included in the profile pages of healthcare service providers, specialist and doctors on the platform. You can check the profile of the doctor and healthcare service provider, and if you wish, you can demand a price offer from different specialists for your treatment thanks to instant messaging feature and make comparisons.

14. Can I Cancel/Change My Appointment?

Of course, you can. You can easily cancel your appointment through your Admin Panel. In order to reschedule an appointment, you must first cancel the appointment you want to change, and then you must request a new appointment. You can reschedule your appointment request from the healthcare service provider of your choice according to the time you want to make a change. All these processes are "free of charge".

15. Can I Make Comments?

Of course, you can. Only members of the platform can make comments. In order to make comments on the platform, you must sign up with a valid e-mail address and verified phone number or update this information. Your comment about the specialist doctor and healthcare service provider is examined by the website moderators within 48 hours and published. As long as the comments do not conflict with the platform user and evaluation policies, your comment is published at the end of the determined period.

16. Why Was My Comment About the Service I Received Not Published?

Only the comments of the members of the platform are published. You must make sure that you have signed in. Within the framework of the comment policies of our platform, moderators examine the comment you have made within 48 hours. Your comment might still be in the process of evaluation and examination. If your comment is against the evaluation regulations of our platform, you get an e-mail regarding this situation. You may have received an information e-mail from our review team due to the non-compliance of your comment with the website comment principles, or your comment may still be in the evaluation process.

17. What Are the Criteria for Comments?

Your comments must be related to the healthcare service provider or the specialist doctor you received treatment and service from, and they should be limited to your own treatment process. Your comments must be about the relevant specialist and healthcare service provider, and they are subjected to examination within the framework of criteria related to the care given, timing, treatment environment, communication, patient care process, service quality and your satisfaction. Comments other than these issues are not accepted.

18. In What Cases Are My Comments Refused?

In cases where your comment does not comply with the comment policy rules of our platform, it is definitely not published. If your comment is determined to contain insult, racism, blaming and aggressive statements, information about the private lives of the specialist doctors or individuals working in the institutions, comments on other specialists, medicine name, statements including promotion and advertisements of other institutions and organizations, cost of treatment, private information about the institution, and personal contact information, your comment is not published.

19. Can I Delete My Comment?

Of course, you can. You can permanently delete your comments through "My Evaluations" tab on the right of your Admin Panel or the "Delete" button located below your comment/comments.

20. Can I Make Evaluations?

Of course, you can. Doctors of Turkey Platform is aware that as a new generation platform accessing 150 countries in the world, your comments will reach out to numerous people in different countries, and we attach special importance to your evaluations within the ecosystem of the platform. By making evaluations through the "Make an Evaluation" button located on the profile page of the relevant healthcare service provider after you have signed in the system, you can help other people in search of healthcare services to have an idea.