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Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile refers to the ideal designer smile for the faces of most celebrities and models. It creates certain characteristics of pearly, shiny, aligned and gapless white teeth. The Hollywood smile procedure is a simple procedure that can correct a wide variety of dental disorders.

The purpose of this smile is to achieve an ideal set of teeth and a radiant smile. Thanks to the technology, dental veneers are based on leaf tooth-like structures made of various materials applied to the facade of the teeth.

The function of dental veneers is to overshadow existing setbacks and redesign the smile cosmetically and aesthetically.

For example, Dental problems that a Hollywood smile procedure can correct are tooth discoloration, staining, deterioration and cavities.

With the Hollywood Smile smile design, you get aesthetic, symmetrical and white teeth, and a healthy appearance is obtained in your teeth and gums. In smile design, a more energetic and youthful appearance is aimed with a correct mouth closure and a half-moon or moon-shaped smile line.

Smile shapes differ according to your face and jaw structure. Our specialist dentists will apply the most suitable dental aesthetics for your face and jaw lines. Before applying the most suitable smile aesthetics for you;

  • Facial features
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Smile symmetry
  • Tooth alignment and tooth color
  • Lips
  • Gums

Considering these factors, the most suitable smile aesthetics is made for you.

White teeth alone are not enough to achieve a beautiful smile. In addition to the whiteness, the healthy appearance of the gums and the proportion of the teeth are also very important. With Hollywood Smile, it is aimed to achieve a perfect smile by ensuring the harmony of gums, teeth and lips.

With the Hollywood smile design, a healthy and white smile is aimed as a result of correcting the existing tooth structure of the person with porcelain veneer, eliminating the incompatibility between the gums and teeth with gingival aesthetic applications.

In smile design, which combines medicine and art, first of all, the shape of your face is determined and it is determined which form of teeth you should have. What kind of smile you should have depends on many factors such as gender, age, facial features, lips.

How The Hollywood Smile Can Affect Your Social Life?

The quality of our teeth reads like an open book for their love, revealing intricate details of our personal physical and mental state that are often inaccurate. For example, we subconsciously associate cavities and missing teeth with disease and malnutrition. As a society, we always alter tooth decays and color changes. In social life, unfortunately, we energize in a negative way with an evil smile. In general, and scientific studies show, poor diet, mental state, and environment will eventually damage your teeth. Years of evolutionary advantage have helped us establish a better gene pool and higher survival rates for future generations. Thus, achieving pearly white teeth has become a reliable measure of health. A Hollywood smile procedure can change the aesthetic condition of your teeth. Additionally, it can mask the truth behind your lifestyle or poor genetics. Several studies have proven time and time again how the perfect set of teeth can accelerate your climb up the career ladder. In addition, the hollywood smile can positively affect your social life.

Types of Hollywood Smiles

The structure of the veneers is what the Hollywood smile procedure is based on. Several Veneers make up the Hollywood smile, varying in quality and cost. Hollywood smile options can fit a variety of financial plans.

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