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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Breast augmentation aesthetics are operations performed to increase the fullness and symmetry of the breasts. Surveys show that breast augmentation surgeries are the surgical procedures with the highest patient satisfaction in aesthetic surgery. The first silicone breast prostheses started to be used in the USA in 1963. Breast augmentation procedures are the fastest growing type of plastic surgery in the world, and in 2010, 296,000 women underwent breast augmentation surgery in the USA alone. It is stated that this figure has increased by 39 percent when compared to 2000.

Today, breast augmentation is the most applied aesthetic operation. Mostly due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging reasons or in cases where the breasts cannot complete their development, the breasts cannot reach a sufficient size. With the breast augmentation operation, small breasts become larger and fuller, and have a more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful appearance. Breast volume is increased by placing natural materials made of silicone, which we call prostheses or implants, under the breast tissue.

Reasons for Performing Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can be applied to anyone who has completed breast development and is uncomfortable on the grounds that their breasts are small. Postpartum sagging, rapid weight loss, aging constitute the majority of patients who apply for breast augmentation surgery.

In general, breast augmentation is typically done to enlarge small, immature, or postpartum shrunken breasts.

  • Small breasts cause problems in one's body image and self-confidence
  • Disproportion between hip and chest size
  • Postpartum breast reduction, sagging or loosening
  • Breast reduction and deformities after weight gain
  • Asymmetry between the two breasts (like one big and one small)

How is breast augmentation surgery done?

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed using a silicone implant or by performing a filling procedure.

For silicone implant application, the appropriate silicone prosthesis is selected by considering the patient's rib cage structure, height and body anatomy while the patient is being examined. This prosthesis can be round or in the form of a water drop. After a 5 cm hidden incision made near the under-breast groove, the silicone is placed on the prepared area.

In the filling process, it is aimed to increase the breast volume by using the person's own fat tissue or ready-made filling materials.

Will there be any scars after breast augmentation surgeries?

It is not possible to leave scars in breast augmentation surgeries. however, where and how big the scar will be is directly proportional to your doctor's skills. In this type of operation, a small incision of 3 cm is made in the area under the breast.

How many hours does the breast augmentation operation take?

Breast augmentation operations take an average of 1.5-2 hours, depending on the scope of the surgery. After the operation, the breasts are dressed and a special bra is used. Post-operative pain is controlled with medications and your complaint will decrease and disappear from the second day. If necessary, you can stay in the hospital for 1 day or, if office surgery is performed, you will be discharged within a few hours.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The prostheses used for breast augmentation are placed in the breast volume with four different techniques. The prosthesis placement process is applied by entering the nipple, inframammary fold, 3-4 cm incisions made under the armpit or through the navel. The pocket prepared under the breast for the prosthesis can be prepared under the breast tissue (subglandular-above the muscle) or under the chest muscle under the breast tissue.

Shape of Breast Prosthesis

It is divided into two main groups as round prosthesis and drop model prosthesis. Drop model prostheses take the shape of a normal breast better, the nipple and the part under it are fuller. It is especially preferred in cases where there is very little breast tissue. These prostheses are produced in different width, length and height combinations. When determining the size of the prosthesis to be used to enlarge a breast, the structure, height, weight and body dimensions of the person's breast and rib cage are taken into account. Provided that these physiological limits are not enforced, the patient and the doctor decide on the size and shape of the prosthesis to be used together. During the operation, the plastic surgeon evaluates the appearance for the last time by putting the test prosthesis before putting the prosthesis he thinks. Sometimes a larger or smaller size of the planned prosthesis is also tried and the prosthesis that gives the best results is used.

Is there an age limit to have breast augmentation surgery?

The end of puberty is very important in breast surgery. Because the breast can continue to develop throughout puberty. However, if one breast develops more than the other in adolescence, which creates a psychological problem for people with asymmetrical breasts, it is possible to equalize the undeveloped breast to the other breast with a breast prosthesis at an early age.

If the breasts have completed their growth, prosthetic surgeries can be performed after the age of 18. In reconstruction cases and in some special cases, breast augmentation operations can be performed before the age of 18.

Does breast silicone cause allergies?

The substances that make up the breast silicone are included in many substances that we use in our daily lives, such as various creams, deodorants, soaps, processed foods, waterproof coatings. If you show various allergic symptoms as a result of the use of such substances, breast silicone will also cause these symptoms. However, breast silicones are one of the most adaptable materials to the body. Therefore, an allergy to this substance is extremely rare.

What should be considered before breast augmentation aesthetics?

It is important to stop smoking 1 week or 10 days before breast augmentation surgery in order not to adversely affect wound healing. Aspirin, vitamin E and similar blood thinners should be discontinued 10 days before surgery to prevent unwanted and difficult-to-stop bleeding during surgery. A number of analyzes and examinations are performed to determine whether the patient has a condition that prevents surgery before the operation. It will be a practical choice for the person to prefer pajamas that open from the front on the day of surgery.

What are the expected results after breast augmentation surgery?

Three hours after the breast augmentation surgery is over, it is possible to eat and stand up. Patients are discharged the same day or the next day. In the first days after the surgery, increasing pain may be felt with arm movements. In submuscular applications, pain may be felt more and for a long time. It is normal to experience a feeling of pressure in the chest in the first weeks. The patient is usually called for control a few days after the operation. After this check, you can start your daily activities, return to work, and drive.

The appearance of the prostheses is unnatural during the first three weeks and they stand higher than normal. From the third week, they begin to soften and go down to their normal size. It takes about three months for the breasts to take their full shape.

Points to Consider After Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Walking can be done, but sports that require intense effort and force the chest muscles (such as tennis, swimming) should be postponed for 6-8 weeks.
  • Although patients can usually return to work in a few days, it is recommended not to drive for 1 week, not to lift heavy things for 3 weeks and not to move their arms up.
  • Sweating should be avoided in the first 15 days when wound healing is intense.
  • A bra recommended by your doctor should be used during exercise.
  • It is recommended to protect the chest from direct sun for 4-6 weeks. In particular, the incision scar should be protected from the sun with a factor 50 sunscreen or tape, otherwise the scar will take on a darker color.
  • Breast prosthesis does not prevent pregnancy. Breastfeeding can be done without any adverse situation.
  • Before the mammography controls, the shooting technician must be informed. Shooting should be done accordingly. The chest prosthesis is not affected by MRI and computed tomography, and the films can be easily interpreted by the radiologist.

Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post-surgery, the pain can be easily controlled with medication and disappears on the first or second day. Surgical scars will fade over time and become vague after 6 months - 1 year. Mild swelling and color changes in the breasts will also disappear within a few days. In the first week after the operation, the chest is larger and tighter than it is. In time, it returns to its real size and softens. After 3-5 days, you can take a shower and start working. After the operation, the doctor should go for control at the periods determined by the doctor (such as 1, 3, 6 months). Tapes or ointments can be used to help the incision scar heal smoothly. The incision scar will take its final form in an average of one year and will turn into skin color.

Silicone breast prostheses do not have an expiration date. However, due to the cycles and changes in women's life, size and displacement may be requested. If the size is to be changed, the prostheses must be replaced with new ones. Bras with wire support (with underwire) should not be used for at least 3 months. Temporary changes such as loss of sensation in the nipple may be felt; but it is temporary.

Breast Augmentation Operation

You can contact us for all your questions about breast and breast augmentation aesthetics, breast augmentation prices, the operation process, before and after plastic surgery and the healing process.

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