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What is face lift-renewal surgery?

Facelift (rhytidectomy) is a surgical method for removing facial sagging due to aging and wrinkles by stretching and hanging. However, in recent years, all interventions related to facial aging have started to be referred to under the name of facial rejuvenation.

Aging is an inevitable process for all of us. The first symptoms begin to appear around the eyes and laughing lines at the beginning of the thirties. As the age progresses, it becomes more evident and all structures on the face begin to be affected. Bone structures on the face begin to thin. Skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles begin to appear. With the decrease in the subcutaneous muscle and adipose tissue on the face, sagging of the soft tissue occurs. As aging progresses, the entire facial skin is covered with wrinkles and sagging. As a result, the face acquires a tired and lifeless appearance. It is possible to reverse the results of aging with facelift surgery.

As a person ages, the facial skin sags, wrinkles, and various spots and irregularities occur on it due to the effects of years, sun rays, daily stresses and other factors (smoking, alcohol, malnutrition). An elderly percentage; There is an image with prominent forehead lines, drooping eyebrows, drooping eyelids, bags and lines under the eyes, deep lines in the mouth and nose area, sagging cheeks, lost chin contours, oily neck and skin curtains. The skin has lost its vitality, sunspots and other moles have appeared on it, thinned and wrinkled.

One of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery surgeries, face lift surgery is also called "face lift" or "rhytidectomy" with English idioms. With face lift-renewal surgeries, sagging and irregularities in the forehead, face and neck skin are eliminated; Excess fat tissue on the cheek and neck is removed, facial fascia and fat tissues are pulled and hung in their anatomical places, facial tissues are reinforced, eyelids are corrected and other complementary interventions can be performed (such as skin peeling, filling and botox).

Who are the best applicants for this surgery?

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery are those whose face and neck skin has started to sag, but their skin has not yet lost its elasticity and has no other health problems. This surgery is usually applied to men and women over the age of 40. However, due to structural and genetic reasons, this type of surgery can be performed in full or in a limited manner at earlier ages. During face lift surgery, nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead correction, eyebrow lifting operations can also be added to make the face look more beautiful and younger. Injection of fillers (oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.) or peeling (mechanical, chemical, laser) for fine wrinkles and botox for wrinkles can be done.

In the first examination, we determine the procedures to be applied with facelift. It can be done if suitable skin tissues and muscle tissues are available and possible for facelift. Our male and female clients, whose eye sockets, nose corner lines and lines around the lips have become clear and facial flexibility is visible, can have it done.

It can also be applied to people with sagging skin around the chin and deep lines of neck sagging. If some or all of the symptoms are present, facelift aesthetics can be applied. Those who have had a non-surgical facelift before can still benefit from this plastic surgery.

Before surgery

When you have a problem with facial aging and sagging and are considering surgery, first discuss with yourself what you want and why, and then consult a plastic surgeon. Tell your doctor about your wishes and expectations one by one and discuss them with him. If you are a smoker, definitely quit 10 days before the surgery. Inform your doctor about your sunbathing and skin care habits, and do not forget to ask what you need to do after the surgery so that the surgery will give a more permanent result. Discuss the issue with your doctor several times if necessary.


The operation is performed in hospital conditions, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, in the operating room. It can be done with general anesthesia as well as with sedation or local anesthesia. Such surgeries may take 3-10 hours depending on the technique and what will be done. It is possible to go home the same day, but it is usually appropriate to stay in the hospital for 1 night. Additional operations (nose, eyelids, etc.) can be done in the same session. Facelift surgery is not scarless. However, these traces are not obvious as they are hidden. The scars are hidden in the scalp in the temple area, in front of and behind the ear. If the fat in the sub-chin area is removed, a 3-5 mm scar remains under the chin. If eyelid and forehead lift is added, additional scars remain on the eyelids and scalp on the forehead. However, these facial scars are mostly invisible and can be hidden.


Early period after surgery usually passes on at ease. There may be a general swelling and bruising on the face, numbness and a feeling of tension. Since the facial nerves may be mildly affected by anesthesia during the surgery, there may be mild asymmetries on the face. These go away on their own in 3-5 days. A head wrap and cold pads are applied to the cheeks, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth open. In order to prevent the accumulation of blood in the tissue, silicone pipes called drains can be placed. The resistors are withdrawn within 2 days at the latest. The dressing is completely opened after 2-3 days. General inspection and dressing change is made. Hair can be washed during this period. If the stitches are not dissolving type, they are removed after 5-7 days.

Back to normal life

It gives good results if it is performed in accordance with the surgical technique. Rarely, second corrections may be necessary. From the 2nd day after the operation, the patient can stand up and do his homework. After a week, the patient can return to work and put on make-up after the swelling subsides. It is recommended to avoid heavy exercises and excessive sunlight for 2 months and to protect it from external impacts. The newly formed shape of the face and neck skin lasts for 5-10 years, sometimes for a lifetime, depending on the person's structure and environmental conditions.

Neck and Face Lift Surgery

Lifting the face aesthetically does not stop the aging process. Neck and face lift surgery makes the person look younger and livelier than their age. Even if the aging process continues, the facial structures of the person who has facelift surgery always look 10 years younger than their age.

The face is anatomically divided into three different regions, and each region is evaluated separately for the surgical intervention to be performed for rejuvenation. The upper face includes the temple area, forehead and eyebrows, the intervention applied to this area is the upper face stretching or forehead lift procedure. The midface includes the cheek area, the intervention applied to this area is the midface or cheek lift. It includes the lower face, under the chin and neck region, the intervention applied to this region is the lower face or neck lift procedure. Surgical intervention can be applied to each region individually or in combination.

Removal of Facial Wrinkles and Sagging with Face Lift Surgery

The operation to lift the face can be performed using general anesthesia or under local anesthesia with sedation. The average operation time takes 3-6 hours in proportion to the intervention to be performed. During the upper face lift surgery, the incision is made entirely within the scalp. During mid-face and lower-face lift, incisions are made from the border in front of and behind the ear. Since the operation scar remains in the scalp and in the folded areas, there is no scar problem.

Swelling and bruising on the face after the operation is a normal process, often serious pain does not happen contrary to what is believed. For the first days of pain, simple painkillers to be taken orally are sufficient. Keeping ice on this area for the first 24-48 hours reduces the swelling significantly. In addition, with some effective creams to be recommended, bruising is less and heals faster.

What is a Permanent Face Lift?

The face is our expression that determines our personality and adds meaning to our existence. Our face, which we present to the outside world and other people, is unique and special on Earth. Although each person's face is unique, it reflects its characteristic features.

Although there is no change in the basic lines, signs of aging can be observed as the skin tissues lose their elasticity over time. Sagging facial lines, lines and wrinkles also cause expression changes. Permanent facelift surgery can only be considered as reducing or eliminating the signs of aging without making any changes in the characteristic features of the face.

What are the Treatment Methods of Face Lift Aesthetics?

We determine the appropriate treatment method by analyzing the general structure of the face, loss of flexibility and form, texture and skin surface. The methods we generally apply in face lift aesthetics, which are different types of treatment, are as follows;

Modern face lift techniques

It is the tissue that covers the entire face. In modern face lift aesthetics, we do not only stretch the visible skin, but also the lower tissue, giving a youthful expression. Although it differs according to physical characteristics, a thin line usually appears behind the ear or at the junction of the temples and hair roots. In successful operations, the trace disappears completely. In this application, the youthful appearance is regained by supplementing with oil injection.

Endoscopic face lift techniques

In this operation, which we apply more intensively in our 40s, we apply a mid-face lift with an eyelid incision. Eyebrow aesthetics, eye contour and crow's feet surgeries are performed in the same session.

Non-surgical face lift

Botox, rope hanger, etc. Applications such as these are methods that are applied without the need for surgery. Non-surgical facelift prices are determined depending on the areas to be applied.

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