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Cardiovascular Surgery

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Saygin Clinic
Fulya Mah. Ortaklar Cad. No:51 İstanbul / Şişli / Turkey
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Op. Dr. Mustafa Gogun Saygin was born in Merzifon in 1972. He finished secondary school in Karşıyaka Secondary School and high school in İzmir Atatürk High School (1986 -1989) with honors. He won the Marmara University Faculty of Medicine in English (1989 – 1997) (with the best 0.1% grade) with the OSYM exam. After graduating from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine; He passed the TUS exam and worked as a General Surgery Assistant at Istanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital for 8 months, and later won the TUS exam again (April 1998) and  became Chief resident at the Cardiovascular Surgery of Trakya University Faculty of Medicine and worked as a founding assistant between 1998 and 2001. He won the United States USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) specialization exams in 2001 and received the United States Medical Doctor License (ECFMG Diploma), and in 2001 as a Clinical Surgeon (Clinical Fellow) at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston for 1 year. He specialized in vascular surgery. On his return to Turkey, he worked in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine between 2002-2003. He then worked in state hospitals in Van, Malatya and Bursa for 4 years and performed thousands of successful cardiovascular surgeries. (2003 – 2007) He worked for 6 years (2007-2013) as a Full-time Cardiovascular Surgeon at Çekirge Heart and Arrhythmia Hospital in Bursa and performed approximately 5000 surgical procedures during this period. Later, he was appointed as the founding Operator Doctor to the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of Istanbul Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital. (2013 – 2016) He continued his career as a Consultant Doctor in various private hospitals for a while. (2016-2019) Operator Doctor Mustafa Göğün Saygın, who performed Cardiovascular and Varicose Veins operations on more than 25,000 patients in various clinics he worked until 2021, throughout his  career, has been working as an active full-time Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist for 25 years.

Marmara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi
1989 - 1997
Educational Information
United States Medical Licensing Examination
Tıp Doktoru 2001 - 2002
Trakya Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi
Asistan 1998 - 2001
Haydarpaşa Numune Hastanesi
Asistan 1997 - 1998
Saygın Klinik
Kalp Damar Cerrahisi 2013 - 2021
Çekirge Kalp ve Aritmi Hastanesi
Kalp Damar Cerrahisi 2007 - 2013
Bursa Devlet Hastanesi
Kalp Damar Cerrahisi 2003 - 2007
Uludağ Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi
Kalp Damar Cerrahisi 2002 - 2003
Diseases Treated

Ani Kalp Durması

Anormal Kalp Sesi (Üfürüm)

Aortic Aneurysm

Aort Damarında Balonlaşma

Aortic Valve Diseases

Aortic Insufficiency

Bacak Damar Tıkanıklığı

Bacaklarda Damar Tıkanıklığı

Beyin Damar Tıkanıklığı

Beyin Damar Yumakları

Böbrek Atardamarı Tıkanıklığı

Capillary Laser Treatment

Cardiovascular surgery

Çevresel Damar Hastalıkları

Paediatric Heart Diseases

Cleft Palate

Damar Daralması

Damar Duvarı İltihabı

Vascular Diseases

Vascular Inflammation

Vascular Stiffness

Damar Tıkanıklığı

Damar Yumağı

Düşük Kalp Basıncı

Low Heart Rate

El Varisi

Endocarditis (Endocardium Inflammation)


Foam Treament

Gangrene Treatment

İç Varis


Ischemic Heart Disease


Kalp Büyümesi

Heart Palpitations

Kalp Damar Tıkanıklığı

Kalp Deliği

Kalp Duvarı Kalınlaşması

Heart Diseases

Increased Heart Rate (Tachycardia)

Heart Valve Diseases

Kalp Kapağı Problemleri

Heart Valve Diseases

Heart Attack

Kalp Ritim Bozukluğu

Heart Rheumatism

Kalp Sıkışması

Heart Spasm (Angina)

Heart and Vascular Diseases

Heart Failure

Cardiac Membrane Inflammation (Pericarditis)


Kangren tedavisi

Kanın Damar İçinde Pıhtılaşması

Kaonjestij Kalp Hastalığı

Kardiyomiyopati (Kalp Kası Hastalığı)

Carotid Artery Occlusion

Capillary Cracking

Kılcal Damar Sorunları

Kılcal Varis

Congenital Heart Diseases

Coronary Vascular Diseases

Coronary Heart Disease

Laser Vessel Treatment


Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)

Nonsurgical Vein Opening

Open Herat Surgery

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Renal Kan Damarı Hastalığı

Robotic Heart Surgery

Robotic Vein Clot Melting

Jugular Vein Occlusion

Three Vascular Disease

Üfürüm (Anormal Kalp Sesi)

Varicose Laser


Varicose Cancer

Varis Tedavisi

Varicose Ulcer

Variscose Vein Treatment

Varicose Veins

Vascular Surgery

Vein Bypass Surgery

Vein Thrombosis

Treatment Methods/Services

Açık Kalp Ameliyatı

Balloon Angioplasty

Bebek Kalp Ameliyatları

Bemer Fiziksel Damar Terapisi

Beyin Felci ve Konuşma Bozukluğu Tedavisi

Beyin Felcinde Ergoterapi

Bilgisayarlı Kalp Tomografisi

Çalışan Kalpte Koroner Bypass Cerrahisi

Çocuk Kalp Ameliyatları

Damar Ameliyatları

Damar Cerrahisi

Damar İçi Lazer Tedavisi

Vascular Occlusion Treatment

Damarsal Anomali Tedavisi

Stroke Treatment

Felçli Hasta Takibi

Temporary Cardiac Pace Maker

İnce Damar Hastalığı Tedavisi

Wireless Pacemaker

Permanent Pacemaker

Heart Surgery

Kalp Anevrizma Cerrahisi

Heart Bypass Surgery

Kalp Damar Darlıkları Koroner Stent Konulması

Heart Graph (Telecardiography)

Kalp Hastalığı Riski Belirleme

Kalp Kapağı Bozuklukların Tedavisi

Heart Valve Replacement

Kalp Kapakçığı Değişimi

Kalp Kapakçığı Tamiri

Kalp Kateterizasyonu

Kalp Muayenesi

Heart transplant

Kalp Pili

Cardiac Pace Maker Applications

Kalp Sintigrafisi

Heart Transplantation

Kalp Tümörü Ameliyatları

Heart Failure Treatment

Kalpte Acil Müdahele

Kalpte Yavaşlama Tanı ve Tedavisi

Closed Heart Surgery

Kardiyak Mr (Kalp Mr)

Kılcal Damar Tedavisi

Koltuk Altı Kalp Ameliyatları

Konjenital Kalp Cerrahisi

Foam Treatment

Laser Tedavileri

Lazer İle Kılcal Damar Tedavisi

Lazer İle Varis Ve Kılcaldamar Tedavisi

Minimal İnvaziv Kalp Cerrahisi

Redo Kapak Cerrahisi (İkinci- Üçüncü Kalp Ameliyatları)

Şah Damarı Stentleme

Toplardamar Stent Tedavisi

Yapay Kalp

Neonatal Heart Surgery

Saygın Clinic
Saygın Klinik founded in 1996 by Dr. Mustafa Sayg
Varicose Veins Treatment
Today we have found out that our patient suffers f
Robotic Heart Surgery
We always aim to apply robotic or minimally invasi
Robotic Vascular Surgery
Owing to robotized surgical procedures for reopeni
Vascular Surgery
Owing to robotized surgical procedures for reopeni
The Treatment Of Our Patient Michael
Our patient Michael came from England for Varicose
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Saygin Clinic
Fulya Mah. Ortaklar Cad. No:51 İstanbul / Şişli / Turkey

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