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Breast Lift

Who Should Have Breast Lift?

The conditions required for the operation should be people who are over the age of 18 and have no health problems.

Breast lift operation can be performed in people with severe sagging of the breasts for varying reasons, and care should be taken to ensure that it is performed in operating room conditions by a specialist physician.

Before Breast Lift

Breast lift operation is performed especially for patients aged 40 and over, and the examinations of these people should be evaluated by a specialist physician before the operation and the process should be started.

As in every surgical procedure, smoking should be stopped at least 15 days before in order to accelerate healing and avoid complications.

If there are existing diseases and a continuous use of drugs, the specialist surgeon must be informed and the expectations must be conveyed correctly.

After Breast Lift

After the operation, it is absolutely necessary to apply ice compresses in order to accelerate the healing process and relax the patient. A sports bra should be worn for 4 weeks, helping the breasts to recover.

Heavy sports and work should be avoided for the first 3-4 weeks and sexual intercourse should not be performed for at least 1 week. If the rules to be considered after the breast lift operation are followed, it is possible to achieve the desired breasts by going through a very safe and risk-free process.

In general, the first month is very important with the recommendation of a specialist and it is a process that requires control. The rules that are recommended to be observed in this process are the prohibitions placed to prevent the opening of the sutures and the formation of infection in general.

If the patient abides by these prohibitions and acts under the supervision of a specialist physician, both the permanence of the operation will increase and the risk of complications will be minimized.

What patients need to pay attention to is that a specialist surgeon performs the procedures in sterile conditions.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

The surgeries are applied to improve the deformations in the breasts and the procedures performed according to the structure of the breasts vary.

In some people, it is in the form of removing excess fat, while in some people, silicone prostheses are attached and procedures are performed in order to recover the sagging areas.

No matter which of these methods is applied, since the milk ducts and glands are not touched, there is no problem during the breastfeeding process after the operation. The patient can easily spend the breastfeeding period after the breast lift operation.

Can There Be Sagging Again After Breast Lift Surgery?

Another question that causes concern in people after breast lift surgery is can there be sagging again? The answer to this question is that it is not a permanent procedure and sagging is seen again after processes such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and loss.

For these reasons, it is recommended by specialist physicians that women who do not think of children and whose weight does not fluctuate much should prefer it.

Does Breast Lift Surgery Treat All Cracks in the Breast?

In breast lift surgery, the operation is performed under the breast and the excess skin is removed and the operation is performed.

Since there is no intervention on the nipple and its surroundings, the cracks in these areas are not removed.

Are Breast Scars After Breast Lift Uncomfortable?

There is a risk of scarring for breast lift operations performed with different methods, and this information should be given to the patient before the operation.

Since it is made with a small incision from the prosthesis attached under the breast, the scars do not disturb the person. In breast lift operations performed depending on the experience of the surgeon performing the operation, the scars can generally become invisible in 1 year.

The scars are not as permanent as in the aesthetic procedures applied in the early days. Thanks to the developing technology, the risk of scarring is reduced by using dissolving stitches in the operations.

Especially in dark-skinned women, the probability of scarring is lower in operations.

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