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Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser Eye Surgery

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

A laser is a strong beam of light. It is used for many purposes such as burning, cutting, evaporation and shredding. There are tens or even hundreds of different operations and surgeries performed with laser in the eye.

This issue is often misunderstood, the laser is a tool, not a result. We can consider the laser as a blade of light.

The eye surgeries performed with laser are as follows;

  • Changing the number of glasses, getting rid of glasses, laser surgeries, eye drawing
  • Lasers used in cataract surgery, cataract surgeries with laser
  • Lasers used in problems such as diabetes, retinal tears, retinal laser surgeries
  • Glaucoma, lasers used in glaucoma, glaucoma laser eye surgeries
  • Eyelid laser surgery for aesthetic purposes.

Why is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

Laser eye surgery is performed on the eye for many different purposes.

Changing the number of glasses, Laser surgery to get rid of glasses, Eye drawing surgeries

The most common of the eye surgeries performed with laser, the most well-known among the public, is the excimer laser procedures, which are performed to get rid of glasses and are called eye scratching. This process is the tattooing of the number of glasses on the cornea layer, which is the transparent layer in the front of the eye and can be compared to a watch glass. So in a sense, the lens is permanently engraved on the cornea by tattooing it.

Considering the sensitivity of the eye, it should be understood how serious this permanent procedure is and the importance of performing it by experts and with the latest technology. Most individuals do price research when they are going to have this procedure, however, the quality and experience should be researched first for these procedures that will provide you with a lifetime of good vision and may cause permanent visual impairment if not applied correctly.

There are many subtypes such as LASIK, PRK, no touch laser, eagle eye surgery, SMILE, bladeless LASIK. According to the condition of the patient's eye, the appropriate method should be selected.

Lasers used in cataract surgery, Cataract surgeries performed with laser

Cataract surgery is the operation of removing the lens inside the eye by melting it and replacing it with a plastic lens. In the presence of cataract that impairs vision, and as an alternative, in order to get rid of close glasses in individuals over the age of 40, it can be done before the cataract occurs, this is also called smart lens surgery.

In this surgery, both femto laser can be used at the beginning, it is also called bladeless cataract surgery. In addition, although the phaco method used in cataract melting is not a laser but an ultrasonic method, laser cataract surgery is known as seamless cataract surgery among the people.

Lasers used in problems such as diabetes, retinal tears, retinal laser surgeries

The retina, the mesh layer inside our eyes, is our nerve tissue that allows us to perceive light. The yellow spot is the most central and most sensitive part of the retina. Laser is used in the treatment of diabetes, vascular occlusions or tears in the retina.

Glaucoma, lasers used in glaucoma, eye surgery with glaucoma laser

Glaucoma, that is, eye pressure, is basically two different types of diseases called open-angle and closed-angle. In glaucoma, laser surgeries provide very important benefits to prevent vision loss in both closed and open-angle glaucomas.

Laser eyelid surgery for aesthetic purposes

There are many procedures for eyelid correction, stretching and spot removal with laser.

How is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

Laser Eye Surgery, Why Laser Eye Surgery is Performed? It is done in different ways and in different environments according to the different applications in the answer to the question. Laser surgeries to get rid of glasses are performed in special rooms where this device is placed. During the procedure, only the patient's eye is anesthetized with drops, the procedure usually takes 1-2 minutes. The patient goes home at the end of the procedure.

Since laser cataract surgery is an intraocular surgery, it is performed in a sterile environment in the operating room. It is sufficient to numb the eye with drops. The patient is not hospitalized after the operation and can go home.

Retinal laser surgeries and glaucoma laser surgeries are actually outpatient procedures, not surgery.

They are applied with the devices available in the outpatient clinic.

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